Winamp is shutting down, no more wipping the llama’s ass


Start listening to music on Winamp as much as you can until 21th December, when all of this will be gone. Winamp is shutting down after 15 years of local music and radio stream. But it wont be forgotten. Our parties will always remember the good times of dancing and drinking with Winamp as a witness of our sweet sins.

The reason? Winamp started to lose its popularity from the late ’90s and early 2000s. From 2002, Winamp remained in development until now, after NullSoft, Winamp’s maker, was acquired by AOL for more than $80 milion.

Although Mac and Android Winamp versions were released in recent years, the fan base of the media player remained in Windows’ clients. Nowadays, audio solutions like iTunes are now everywere across platforms, making Winamp a far more specialized app.

The Winamp’s motto, It really wips the llama’s ass, will always live in our imagination. Llamas might be dancing right now. Screw you, llamas, admit that you did like Winamp’s attention!

Source: theverge