Will Galaxy Note 8 be just a bigger and upgraded version of S8 Plus?

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung needs to make the Galaxy Note phablet family to regain its former glory. It needs a high-performing flagship, reliable and most important safe phone, that will also compete directly with the iPhones, that Apple will launch in autumn.

Everything we know so far about Galaxy Note 8, makes us believe that Samsung will play it safe this year with the Galaxy Note 8. So safe, that they will use one of the Galaxy S8 prototypes, that couldn’t be made in time for this spring.

So, judging about some leaked images, on the intuition of some designers and rumors, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be just a a bigger and upgraded version of the Galaxy S8 Plus model. Mainly, because of two important feats that S8 missed.

The first one is the dual main camera that Samsung didn’t managed to deliver this year on its latest flagship, but which might pe fetured on the next Galaxy Note phablet. Also, renders have shown us that there’s not fingeprint sensor on the back, which means that the integrated sensor will be installed on Note 8. Also we se two cameras. This are the exact features that many wanted them on Galaxy S8.

But do Samsung fans want Note 8 to be just an improved Galaxy S8 Plus? Still to early to say it. We’re only speculating on rumors and renders made by fans, but they might not be to far from the truth.