WhatsApp to allow the transfer of any type of files

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, it seems the WhatsApp users will have to endure with one less limitations soon enough as the transfer of any type of files will made available.

Right now, users are still limited to specific types, like PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and slides. The new feature letting you share any file type is currently undergoing testing with a limited subset of users, and the rollout is very slow. So while it’s pretty certain that you will get this, what’s less clear cut is when. Still, it’s on the way.

Still, urser will be limited to a maximum file size of 128MB on iOS, 100MB on Android, and 64MB on WhatsApp Web. If you wondering why the Web version has the lowest limit? Well, on which devices is easier to transfer files? Mobile and tablets or desktops and laptops? You know the answer.

As why are there such limitations to begin with? The answer it’s even easier, the network was made for text messages, calls and not for huge amounts of data transferring. Of course WhatsApp doesn’t what to crash its own servers.