We know nothing, John Snow! New rumors about iPhone 8 shatters everything we knew so far!

- Adrian Ungureanu

I don’t think that there’s any other smartphone to draw so much attention as the iPhone 8. I get it, is the anniversary iPhone, the smartphone that will mark 10 years of iPhone history. But, while we’re happy to have learned something new about it every single time, the multitude of rumors and speculations only made us get the feeling that – despite all the information we got – we “know nothing” about iPhone 8.

And the latest rumors do even more damage to what we knew about iPhone 8. And the other two – iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. While the Taiwanese suppliers suggest that all iPhones have entered mass production, an unnamed supplier said for the Korean publication The Investor that iPhone 8 is not currently in production!!!

How is that possible? Well, the official of an Korean component supplier for Apple says the design of the back of the phone is not yet finalized. Why? The supplier says that Apple hasn’t decided if it wants to ditch the Touch ID or not. And that’s why we see iPhone 8 dummy units, renders and pics showing it either with or without the fingerprint sensor on the back. There even were speculations that Touch ID will be integrated in the Power button on the side of the phone.

But why is Apple taking to long to decide, when many say iPhone 8 could use Face ID as an alternative to Touch ID? Well, fingerprint sensing is crucial to Apple Pay service and electronic payment operators like the Touch ID, while Face ID is an uncertain thing and it isn’t proved that it’s 100% bug-free and secure. And of course Apple isn’t ready to jeopardize its mobile payment platform.

The supplier states that “the iPhone’s rear design has not yet been finalized. We are still awaiting Apple’s final decision before shipping parts”. He also suggests that iPhone 8 will be launch in November and we get back to some older rumors, even though some recent rumors suggested that everything is on schedule and it’ll be released in September.

But it feels so late for Apple not to have decided which design to choose, even if the phone will be launch in November.

The whole picture becomes even more messed up when we talk about iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The new rumors report that the two “LCD iPhones” are on schedule with their production. What? We thought that all iPhones will be equipped with OLED. Then, there’s this other piece of information provided by The Investor that says Samsung will seven-fold OLED production for Apple’s iPhones and reporting that Samsung is currently producing 5.8-inch and 6-inch panel in the factory that is dedicated to Apple. If there will be only one iPhone with OLED panel, why is Samsung making OLEDs in two sizes for Apple? Are there going to be 2 or 3 iPhone this year? Will iPhone 7s and 7s Plus be launched or Apple will go directly for a new complete iPhone 8 series?

If you reached this part of the story and you are as confused as I am, don’t worry. There are so many questions and dilemmas unanswered that I feel like we really don’t know what’s going on. Did Apple deliberately leaked mixed information just to confuse us all and to keep the real stuff secret? Who knows?!