WALL OF SOUND 2.0 to crash your ears in 2014


If the 28 speakers of the original Wall of Sound are not enough for you and for your only two ears, Wall of Sound 2.0 brings you a new version of the largest iPhone speaker dock, with 44 speakers, two subwoofers, a setup capable of pumping out 8.000 watts of pure raw sound power.


Yes, definitely, this hardcore system can cause some serious hearing damage and can make your neighbors even angrier. This is why, to combat the first issue (because you deal with your neighbors on your own), a monkey head is installed in the WOS, a monkey that warns you every time the music gets too loud, that can even shut down the system if the sound level gets too dangerous. No, it’s not a real monkey, although at the price of 6.900$ they could have given you a small robot-monkey. It’s all about the eyes of the monkey which are blue when you’re on safe listening conditions, turn golden and ultimately the monkey gets crazy red eyes when your brain and your ears are about to explode.


The Wall of Sound, handmade in Sweden, measures in at 5.5-by-4 feet tall, weighs just under 400 pounds and will hit the retail market in February 2014, with the price, once again, of 6.900$.

Source: hiconsumption