Vodafone Explore Greece HD


A must have application for everyone visiting or planning to visit Greece available in English, German, Italian and Greek language in full HD version for your Android tablet.

Explore Greece and let an amazing journey begin. Embark on a virtual vacation through the heart and soul of Greece.
Visit the famous Greek Islands and the legendary land with a little help and guidance from the experts.

Discover the most beautiful beaches and watch amazing videos from previous visitors. Find out everything about Greek culture through pictures and related information. Look up for sightseeing, beaches, hotels, restaurants, bars, ATMs, pharmacies and other points of interests on the map when you are visiting, using your GPS location.

Check out the Greek food and learn the recipes.

Learn how to speak Greek!

Get special deals if you are a Vodafone Customer.

Finally upload a picture of you in Greece as a postcard and share it with your friends using your Facebook account.