US authorities will have trouble hacking iPhone again, as Apple rises new barricades around iOS

- Adrian Ungureanu

Maybe you remember the FBI-Apple scandal related to the San Bernadino terrorist. The FBI wanted to check the information from the terrorist’s iPhone 5C, but it needed Apple to unblock it.

Apple said they can not help because iOS can’t be hacked, and neither them can do anything. The FBI found some hackers in Israel who have been able to crack the security on iOS, so they accessed the San Bernadino terrorist’s iPhone without problems.

The Cupertino-based tech giant didn’t agree with this situation and asked the FBI to tell them how they hacked their operating system. The FBI said no. Apple demanded in court that FBI should turn the device to them because it’s their property, but judges didn’t even want to hear about it. They rejected Apple’s request. Meanwhile, some devices that can unlock iPhones have come up on the market, like the GreyKey Box which is getting bought by many of US agencies and police departments.

Of course, Apple couldn’t let this go by and worked on their own schemes. The company has created a feature that allows the iOS to disable any USB data transmission if the device is not unlocked by the user for 7 days. Seven days later, the Lightning port on the iPhone becomes almost useless. Recharging the device will still be possible, but the phone will not send any data to another electronic device. The data transfer capabilities will be enabled instantly if the rightful owner is unlocking it the usual way. So users don’t have to worry if they go on vacation and they forget they iPhone at home for more than a week.

Thus, any device that will connect to your iPhone, after 7 days, will not be able to access the software on that device at all. This should make it harder for US authorities, who usually need time to get warrants to “crack” the phones of the “suspects”.

However, Apple will have to find a way to make the iPhone no longer send any information by any other means, because GreyKey makes devices that can unlock the iPhones wirelessly.