Up to 115 TV channels on the Telekom TV Web & Mobile platform, Discovery documentaries as VoD and audiobooks library

  • The highest number of TV channels available on an online platform in Romania: up to 115 TV channels on Telekom TV Web & Mobile
  • More than 200 Discovery shows offered online as Video on Demand, on www.telekomtv.ro, on Telekom TV app, as well as on Telekom TV Interactiv (IPTV), exclusively at Telekom
  • Premiership: 21 audiobooks in the Video on Demand menu for the Telekom TV Interactiv and Telekom TV Web & Mobile users


Starting October, the number on online channels available on the Telekom TV Web & Mobile has grown from 67 to 115, depending on the type of bundle, thus making Telekom Romania the provider with the most diversified online platform in Romania.


Telekom TV Web & Mobile platform includ www.telekomtv.ro and Telekom TV app, available on Google Play or App Store.Customers having the Canale TV online S package may watch an additional 21 channels and a total number of 66 TV channels. The number of channels included in Canale TV online M has increased with 30 to a total of 89, and for the Canale TV online L have been added 36 channels, to a total of 104. In addition, the number of channels available in the Dolce Sport online bundle has reached 10, and the customers of the linear TV service having the supplementary Telekom HD package now benefit of 7 of the channels included in the package. The number of online TV channels to which the users have access free of charge differs depending on the type of subscription for linear TV service.  .


With the online Dolce Sport package, football fans can watch eight simultaneous matches in Champions League and Europa League: 4 of them on the Dolce Sport channels, and the other 4 on the Fotbal Online 1, 2, 3 and 4 channels, available online on www.telekomtv.ro and on the Telekom TV application. The customers of the linear television service have free access, by activating Telekom TV Web & Mobile in the section My Account on www.telekom.ro. Telekom customers without TV services can buy the Dolce Sport online package (which includes the Dolce Sport channels and Fotbal Online 1, 2, 3 and 4 channels) for 6 lei, VAT included. Customers without any service from Telekom can buy the same package, Dolce Sport online, for 15 lei, VAT included.


Telekom also provides Discovery content as Video on Demand, being the sole operator on Romania to provide its customers this supplementary benefit. Therefore, more than 200 Discovery titles can be watched in the Documentaries section in the VOD menu in Telekom TV Interactiv and on Telekom TV Web & Mobile. The Discovery VOD content is available for free to all customers who have a television service from Telekom.


For the book lovers, Telekom Romania has created the Audiobooks section, for the Telekom TV Interactiv and Telekom TV Web and Mobile users. Currently, there are available 21 titles from Humanitas publishing house, which are available for free until the end of the year. Afterwards, each title will be available on a rental base, for 30 days. Some of the titles available are: Eric Emmanuel Schmitt – Oscar and the Lady in Pink, Neagu Djuvara – A brief history of Romanians told for young readers, George Orwell – Animal Farm, Andrei Pleșu – About the forgotten beauty of life.


Exclusive content is also provided through MUBI bundle airing cult, classic, independent and awarded movies, and which is available only on the online platform, respectively the interactive one of Telekom. The newest such movie is Paul Thomas Anderson’s JUNUN, which is scheduled for world premiere exclusively on MUBI on October 9t, after today’s premiere at New York Movie Festival. The price for the MUBI package for the Telekom customers is 10 lei per month, VAT included. For customers without any other Telekom services, the price is 13 lei per month, VAT included.


Also, movie fans can opt for the Dolce Movies On Demand package, available on Telekom TV Web & Mobile and on the Telekom TV Interactiv platform, and which includes, besides MUBI, exclusive content from PictureBox and Disney Movies On Demand, for the price of 20 lei per month, VAT included.


More details on Telekom’s television services are available here.