UMi Iron officially comes with face recognition technology for eyes

A few days ago we reported that UMI Iron comes with Hypertech that is – better than Fingerprint ID. Now the company has officially confirmed that fact, we are talking about recognition of the eyes. It’s not as a big surprise because we expected to have no chance of hacking.
The company works with Eye Verify, biometric Start Up from Kansas to add a formal recognition of the eyes to its flagship. Eye Verify specializes in the integration of this technology in smartphones and this is the – best company right now that will help UMI to cope with this task.
UMI Iron will intern this famous product – Eye Print, ID, recognition technology, the user’s eyes to unlock the device. This is – safe function of Fingerprint ID, but we have not yet convinced that it is – fast, and the company works closely with a number of experts from EyeVerify in this direction.