Umeox X5 new world’s slimmest smartphone


Asian manufacturers are in an neverending race for the slimmest smartphone. At the moment the Huawei Ascend P6 is dominating but barely a week after its reveal Umeox announced the 5.6mm-thick Umeox X5. This model was merely a rumor until now, but Umeox aren’t kidding around and even published a product image.

As you can see, the X5 is an exceptionally sleek, elegant device and its beauty doesn’t come at any hardware cost. While its specs are not flagship, a dual-core CPU, 5.3-inch display, 8MP/3MP cameras and Android 4.2 are nothing to sneer at.

The best part is that the Umeox X5 could see Europe. Reportedly, it will be out this summer in France and other countries might follow.

Source: Unwired View