Ultra – efficient LTE devices appear in the summer of 2016


The mobile market has definitely changed a lot over the last few years, while the big players with big names can not assess serious influx of new brands and more – available offers, it seems no end in sight for the current smartphone revolution. Nowadays, you really do not have to break the bank to get a smartphone with solid experience and you can take it for – less than $ 100.


To a large extent we can thank MediaTek, allowing incredibly low prices and available solutions, and judging by the new wave to the silicon family, the following lines of low-end phones can be more than impressive, now with LTE support for more – less than 50 dollars!

MT6738 is – cheapest of the new trio. It uses an ARM Cortex-A53 chip, clocked at 1.5GHz and Mali T860 MP1 GPU. The screen resolution is limited to 720p, but supports up to 4GB RAM, 13MP camera and of course the largest upgrade – Cat.6 LTE.


The second new addition is eight Cortex-A53 cores running on four 1.5GHz, four of 1.0GHz. The GPU is – powerful – Mali T860 MP2, but the resolution is still limited to HD. The camera, however Up to 16MP.


Not least will look MT6750T. Here the resolution is FullHD, is the same GPU Mali T860 MP2, as we can be sure that we’re talking to – high frequency.


The above mentioned trio will go into production after the Chinese New Year, so if things move according to plan, ultra – economical devices with LTE should appear this summer.