Twitter extends the character limit to 280

- Adrian Ungureanu

Twitter fans just got some very important news from their favorite social network, as the company decided to extend the (in)famous charater limit for text messages from 140 to 280, for the first time in its 11 years of existance, so even this phrase could easily fit in one tweet.

The limit was first introduced by Twitter to fit in the character limit of the SMS, but the network does work on SMS for a very long time, yet Twitter wanted to keep the limit as it’s something that makes is special. Anyway, users found a way to express themselves.

Twitter did made some tweak during the years, as not counting the username or the photos, but this is the first major change and the first time it expands the character limit for text messages, and that because in some languages is really difficult to stay relevant within the 140 character limit.

But not to all languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean users will still have to keep within the 140 character limit, as their writing allows them to express more in fewer characters.