Touchjet Wave: Turn your TV into a giant touchscreen


Most – probably none of the users don’t agree with the idea to spend thousands of dollars on TV with touch screen, even sound very fun. And how do you think the possibility for about $ 120, get a device that turns your TV into a touchscreen? Let me introduce you Touchjet Wave.

This device uses infrared sensors, with which detects the movements of your fingers on the screen of your TV. Touchjet Wave is placed on top of your monitor and allows the use of all the Android or iOS apps on the screen. Moreover, the innovative proposal includes an infrared pen so that you will not always have to use your fingers.


This widget is compatible with screens up to 80 inches and 4K / 30fs resolution over HDMI. The device integrates seamlessly with most televisions and even has an application that lets you ‘throw’ pictures on the screen. Currently Touchjet Wave is available through Indiegogo.