Top smartphone builders interested in liquid cooling


According to the DigiTimes top smartphone players such as Apple, Samsung and HTC are showing interest in liquid cooling for their future smartphones. The future could turn out to be as early as this year’s end, but no earlier.

The first go at a liquid-cooled smartphone was the NEC Medias X06E, which is a Snapdragon S4 Pro based device. Its liquid cooling pipes are only 0.6mm in diameter, with ultrabook pipes being around 1.2mm in comparison.

It seems conventional cooling methods will no longer do the trick when powerful chipsets and 4G networks become the norm. The heat generated by these devices will be manageable only with advanced cooling solutions.

At the moment there are several companies who are into this liquid cooling business – Furikawa Electric from Japan, Chaun-Choung from Taiwain, Auras and TaiSol. They are facing production difficulties with 0.6mm, as only 30% of production is deemed usable. They are working aggressively on improving the process.

Source: DigiTimes