Tizen OS smartphones to hit the market in 2013


According to japanese media Yomiuri Shimbun, Samsung and japanese telecom DoCoMo have forged a union behind the somewhat mythical open-source Tizen OS. Gossip says the two giants will push Tizen-based smartphones in 2013, both in Japan and worldwide. This presents interesting opportunities for both companies. Samsung has basically conquered Android (46% market share) and are looking to offer something different, besides their Windows Phone handsets. As for DoCoMo, they are looking for a way to bring customers back after their refusal to carry the iPhone 5 in Japan caused them significant losses and perhaps they’ll bet on the new OS.

Tizen began as Samsung and Intel’s intent to continue where MeeGo left, a pet project of sorts. Their initial aim was to make it market-ready in mid-2012, but they decided not to hurry. Mind you, there is another new OS slated for 2013 – Jolla’s Sailfish, so Samsung might have lost the opportunity for a head-start, but we will receive not one, but two alternatives to the commercial-backed iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.