Tile finds your keys, wallet, phone or other objects lost in your house [video]


For all those who have problems finding their keys, their phones or their other object simply to forget where they have put them, you can now try the technology proposed by Tile. Tile is another solution for this problem, is actually an accessory that can be attached to keys or to the objects that you don’t want to lose.


For example, if you attach one Tile to your keys or to your wallet, with its special Android or iOS app, Tile will begin to sing until you find and deactivate the alarm. If your phone is the one missing before you go to school or to work, you can double click on one of you Tile to make the phone start ringing until you find it.


In case of objects that you suspect of having been stolen, that with the help you Tile app, you can announce the possible theft, following that all the Tile people own in your stolen object’s area, to sense its presence. Of course, you have to attach a Tile to the object and to hope that people are using the same technology as yours. Check out the video below.


Source: the verge