This year’s iPhones have smaller batteries than the iPhone 7 series

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple got certification in China, from TENAA, for their iPhone trio, and we get a chance to find out, how big are the batteries inside them.

The conclusion is that this year’s iPhones have smaller batteries than those introduced last year. iPhone 7 has 1,960mAh batteries while, iPhone 8, which practically is an updated version of the former, has a battery of 1,821mAh.

iPhone 7 Plus was launched with 2,900mAh battery, but iPhone 8 Plus got a smaller one, at 2,675mAh. As you can see, both new iPhones have smaller batteries then their older versions.

iPhone X has a slightly bigger battery than iPhone 8 Plus, but at 2,716mAh, it still has a smaller battery than iPhone 7 Plus had.

On the other side, Apple promised that the new iPhone will be more energy efficient, so hopefully they will make iPhone fans more pleased with their new phones, but I’m not so sure. iPhones have always been among to best smartphones on the market, but they never excelled at the battery department, making some users to charge their phones twice a day.