This new Android Wear update no longer needs your phone for GPS or music


It’s about time for a major Android Wear update, so Google announced today that the newest update brings GPS and offline music playback support, without even need to use your phone for this.


So if you have an Android Wear device, the update support watches with built-in GPS sensors, being able to track your distance and your speed independent of your phone. In addition to this, pair some Bluetooth headphones to your smartwatch and you will be able to listen offline music whenever you go for a ride or for a jogging session. Don’t forget that these updates give autonomy to your smartwatch in relation to your smartphone.


You have to wait a little bit more to take advantage of this update, because the Sony SmartWatch 3 is the first to receive it  since it’s the first Android Watch with a dedicated GPS sensor. Stay tuned because you will receive it on your Android Wear device as well.

Source: theverge