This is what Galaxy Note 8 might really look like

- Adrian Ungureanu

The guys at might have hit the jackpot, scoring some renders of the new Galaxy Note 8 that might actually depict de actual flagship phablet from Samsung.

These new renders come as a follow-up the recent confirmation from Samsung that Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled in a special UNPACKED event on August 23.

The new renders follow precisely the rumors and other renders that emmerged in the past few weeks and it doesn’t feel like there are any surprises that those new renders deliver.

The guys at confirm that these are not official marketing images created internally at Samsung, but rather mockups that have been created by a third-party case maker.

They are based on genuine details and schematics that have leaked from the factory, and they’re believed to be our best look yet at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

But, we’ll see in a month who Galaxy Note 8 will really look like.