The X Phone may be set to debut at Google I/O after all


The rumors that Motorola and Google’s breakthrough X Phone will miss this year’s Google I/O were shot down by an anonymous source. According to new data, the X Phone will debut at Google’s conference and will enter the market in the beginning of July. Its battery is reportedly sized equally with the RAZR MAXX’s 3300mAh which makes the 4000mAh sound like nonsense. Future materials and flexible displays should not to be expected, but sapphire glass coating is still an option. Judging by the proposed date, Snapdragon 800 CPU is a no go – Qualcomm won’t be able to deliver it in time if manufacturing is about to start in a month or two.

The X Phone has generated lots of hype. It would be very dissapointing if Google fail to live up to the expectations. However, they better do a better job than some of them imply, such as this half-hearted try at a render of the phone that even lacks an ear-piece.

Google Motorola X Phone

Source: PhoneArena