The Teacher – the newest TVC from COSMOTE Romania


Often on the run, we tend to communicate briefly, impersonal and we lose the meaning of words. Sometimes, even the most joyful moments and happenings in our life are superficially dealt , due to lack of time, in search of getting as many things done during one day.

Radu Beligan, one of the greatest personalities from the Romanian theatre stage, gives yet another great performance, by starring, for the first time in his professional career, in the newest COSMOTE TV commercial, The Teacher – a call upon the return to true values and Romanians’ spirit.

The TV spot, launched in premiership on COSMOTE Romania’s official Facebook page, promotes the operator’s No Limit subscription and portrays a literature teacher and her students during class. The students’ apparent lack of interest intrigues the teacher, who is demanding to know what all the fuss was about. To her surprise, the kids set up a special way to say happy birthday, with the support of Radu Beligan, who is playing for the first time in his professional career in a TV ad, by projecting during the class an emotional short film. The Master Beligan is underlining the teachers’ role in turning the young minds into souls, the reason for which teachers are loved.

Gratitude and value recognition are not so easily showed and done nowadays, in the era of fast forward living. The Teacher can be either one of us, who can empower words and turn them into stories, that can move, change and inspire us all, giving meaning to communication. COSMOTE Romania is honoured to have collaborated with Master Radu Beligan to tell an extraordinary story and we trust Romanians will enjoy seeing him for the first time on a TV commercial and show appreciation for his talent once more, stated Dana Bursuc, Marketing Communications Senior Manager COSMOTE Romania.

The Teacher runs on major TV channels, while COSMOTE’s Facebook fans had the chance to see the spot exclusively on the company’s fan page, starting yesterday. The TVC can be viewed also on COSMOTE Romania’s official Youtube channel.

The team that coordinated the making of the advertising campaign on behalf of COSMOTE Romania is formed of: Dana Bursuc – Marketing Communications Senior Manager, Valentin Stoenescu – Acting Retail Communications Department Manager, and Ciprian Postelnicu – Head of Media.

The campaign was developed by Papaya Advertising, which cooperates with Ogilvy Romania for COSMOTE post-paid campaigns. The team members who created and executed the campaign are: Robert Tiderle – Creative Director, Rares Dumitrel – Copywriter, Petru Cuciuc – Art Director, while the client service was ensured by Ramona Sima – Client Service Director. Also, part of the team were Razvan Marculescu – Director and Alex Sterian – Director of Photography. The ad was made with the help of Silver Bullet production house, while de post-production was ensured by Bro Visual and Sound Design.