The story behind Xiaomi Mi Mix 2’s design

- Adrian Ungureanu

Xiaomi has surely began to raise the bar. It’s becoming more and more ambitious. The company wants to open 2.000 stores worldwide until 2020, it’s the one of the top dogs in China and India, the biggest smartphone markets in the world, and it’s making its way towards the West.

In the past two years they made an incredible improvement with their phones, making them more powerful and also more attractive, as their design becomes a trendy thing on the market. They did that last year when they unveiled Xiaomi Mi Mix, the original one. This year’s Mi Mix 2 was supposed to be an improvement. And it was, despite the fact the Xiaomi didn’t came up with something as revolutionary like last year.

The designer of the new smartphone is Philippe Starck, a world-renowned designer that worked even with the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. He is now telling the story behind Mi Mix 2 alongside Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun. A mix of Western and Asian culture, with elements from Leonardo da Vinci’s artwork and from the Chinese philosophy.

But lets watch this very interesting and well done short video.