The second generation of Nokia 5, 6 and 7 model numbers leaked – Nokia 9 is on its way too

- Adrian Ungureanu

China is a land where secrets can remain secrets for too long. Two images have appeared on the social networks in China, both revealing some important information about the upcoming Nokia smartphones.

One of them reveals the model numbers of different variants of the second generation of the Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 7 and the model numbers for the new Nokia 9, which initially was supposed to be launched this year.

From that image we find that there will be at least two variants of Nokia 5, at least 6 variants for Nokia 6, five variants for Nokia 7 and Nokia 9 is prepared in three variants. The different model numbers/variants are given by the different RAM and storage options, but also by the regions they would be sold. Because no in every country the telecommunication networks work the same.

The second picture is of an alleged Nokia 6 label. Here a new model number is revealed, one different from the ones you see in the picture above. The one on the label has the model number TA-1054. It would bring 4GB of RAM 64 GB internal storage and as seen on the label it’ll offer dual-SIM support.

Of course, is difficult to be 100% sure that the sources are trustworthy or the information are 100% legit. Still the rumor mill has improved a lot in the last few years. So you never know.