The real reason why Sony disabled fingerprint scanners in the USA

- Adrian Ungureanu

Sony introduced the fingerprint scanners in USA a year and a half ago when they launched the new Xperia Z5 series, but they haven’t been activated ever since in spite of their fans criticism.

No good explanation was given all this time to justify Sony’s decision to disable the scanners, but now we have one. Sony Mobile US’ head of marketing for North America, Don Mesa, finally explained on situation.

It seems that Sony Mobile made a deal with an undisclosed US carrier, that doesn’t allow Sony to activate the fingerprint scanners. So, the Japanese company is currently legally barred from selling smartphones with functioning fingerprint scanners in the USA.

While it’s unfair to its followers, Sony has to see this matter from the business perspective. They don’t sale to many smartphone around the world so they can’t afford to lose access on the American market, by being blocked by one of the carriers that sale their products.