The Premium Suite for Galaxy Note – what are phablet owners in for?


Samsung basically confirmed the update to Jelly Bean for their aging, but still beloved Galaxy Note by launching a dedicated page for it on the Note’s website. Aside from the latest Android edition, the original “phablet” will receive the following new features:

  • Multi Window – Galaxy Note 2’s multitasking capabilities.
  • Popup Note – hover your S-Pen over the screen or tap twice and the Note will launch a notes, video or browser application.
  • Photo Note – turn your photos into stylish handwritten cards.
  • Easy Clip – easier marking of text and cropping of parts of images.
  • Paper Artist – stylize and edit images.
  • Handwriting in S Planner/Email – scribble notes and send them via email, or write directly to your events calendar.
  • Enhanced S Note – the latest version of the app, now with more effects and templates.

Looks like Note users are in for a treat! Samsung are yet to announce the date of launch though, so stay put.