The next Xbox coming for Holiday 2013?


According to the latest rumours cited by Bloomberg, the console (or whatever interesting piece of technology that will end up being) should arrive in markets in late 2013 for the Thanksgiving and Holiday season. Microsoft’s console will arrive again one year after Nintendo has launched their “next-gen” offering, the Wii U.

The veteran 7-year old Xbox 360 still commands impressive attention with over 750 000 new units sold in the US over Thanksgiving. The Wii U sold 400 000 on launch, and the PS3 is close to 600 000. The Next-box will likely incorporate the Windows 8 kernel and Direct X 11 graphics. Blu-ray support isn’t exactly a matter of choice in this day and age, and Microsoft have plans for a rumoured set-top device as well – a “lite” version of the next-gen hardware designed for XBL games and multimedia. Early development kits indicate the new console will be substantially more powerful than the X360.

A major 2013 goal for Microsoft will be drumming up attention for their new offering.