The new Pixel 2 smartphones could get embedded SIM

- Adrian Ungureanu

Should this piece of information make us worry? Probably a little. Latest news suggest that the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL could get embedded SIM which would be able to connect from a carrier to another without the need of the old-school SIM cards.

That doesn’t sound to bad, but the main issue is that not all carriers may support this technology, which was rumored to be introduced by Apple on its iPhones a few years ago. Apple does uses this technology, but in its latest Watches.

And Apple revealed the list of carriers supporting this new technology around the world. You can see it in the picture bellow. It’s not to offering, right?

The eSIM isn’t a bad idea, actually it’s a good idea, but it’ll become more viable when all carriers will offer suport for it. Until then, the devices that would rely solely on eSIM will have to turn to a carrier that they might not like. And I don’t know to many people ready to switch to another carrier just to have a certain device. Anyway. Maybe there will be a SIM card slot, too and the eSIM will be just an extra feature or will be Google’s way to make the Pixel 2 smartphone work like they were dual-SIM.

This new piece of information has also revealed some of the specs of the upcoming Pixel 2 series. The smaller phone will have a 1080p screen while the XL model will have QHD resolution and will support Wide Color Gamut. Both phones will use Gorilla Glass 5 and will have IP67 certification, which means they will be water and dust resistant.

Apparently, the next-gen Pixels will not feature dual cameras and no wireless charging, despite the fact the Google has recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium. Maybe the models from 2018 will get wireless charging features. As about the batteries, Pixel 2 will get a 2,700mAh battery, while Pixel 2 XL will get a 3,250mAh battery. Finally, the new leaks suggest there will be 64GB and 128GB storage options, coupled with unlimited Google cloud storage until 2023.

But we will surely find more on October 4th, when Google will unveil the new Pixel 2 series.