The latest leaked sketch of iPhone 8 shows an unimpressive phone

- Adrian Ungureanu

The anniversary iPhone that will be released in autumn is one of the most expected smartphones of the year, if not the most anticipated one. Anyway, as the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are already out on the market our full attention is focused on Apple next generation of iPhones.

At the beginning of the year we got some enthusiastic rumors, that iPhone 8, or iPhone X, or iPhone Pro, whatever its name will be in the end, will be the best smartphone ever released. The amount of expectation is high regarding this phone. The fans want a smartphone to put the Galaxy S8 series to shame.

But the latest rumors don’t encourage the same enthusiasm as at the beginning of the year. A few days ago we learned that iPhone 8 might not get the curved flexible OLED display everyone was expecting for. Many didn’t want to believe that, but the latest leaked sketch of the alleged iPhone 8 kind of confirms that.

Judging by it shape it doesn’t give any clues that a curved display can be mounted on top of this case. Also, it looks like Apple would go back to a design more similar to iPhone 5 rather than the last three year design, which was much more appreciated the those before it.

As we go further to investigate the case we can see a circular opening just beneath the Apple logo, we can only think that’s were the Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be placed. That confirms the recent rumors that said Apple has difficulties with the integration of the Touch ID into the display, which might as well delay iPhone 8’s release.

This sketch confirms the rumors that iPhone 8 will have a dual camera at the back with the sensors place in a vertical setting. The most intriguing thing about this is the opening in the shape of the logo, as it clearly does not log like just a simple drawing.

Well, we hope that this is the sketch of unapproved or unused design, because it would be disappointing for Apple not to, at least, match Samsung design brought on its latest flagships. Apple needs to remain Samsung’s rival. It better for everybody, not just for Apple of Samsung.