The latest communication campaign from COSMOTE, ”Something new every day, so you have things to talk about”


When was the last time you tried something unusual for the first time? Through the recently launched communication campaign, COSMOTE Romania challenges users to answer “Right now!” to this question. ”Something new every day, so you have things to talk about” campaignfocuses on the relevance of living more experiences and doing new things every day, in order to have more to share with your friends.

“Experiencing new things is only half of the fun and excitement, the other half is sharing those stories with your friends. Youngsters are especially connected with everyone, in touch with all the novelties and they need constant new experiences in order to stand out and share more. We understand their sense of adventure and the need to surpass their limits and we encourage them to try something new and then communicate and spread the news. By helping them to be always connected and share their experiences with everyone around, our offers, our products become a vehicle of enrichment in their lives”, stated Dana Bursuc, Marketing Communications Senior Manager COSMOTE Romania.

“This campaign meant something new for us too, every day… of filming: we shaved a willing young man, we “built” the biggest sarma in Romania, we assisted to a painting course and we drew a bone”, declared Emil Comsea, Art Director, Ogilvy & Mather, and added “I love filming during winter!”

The campaign debuted with a fun teaser meant to draw attention, with Smiley and Kotoy discovering they are left with the same old things to share each another, therefore they feel a need to try something new. The TVC can be seen here.

The first reveal commercials are in line with the winter and holidays period, but with a funny, surprising twist. Everyone cooks “sarmale” and “cozonaci” in this period, but who would expect a gang of 6 guys trying to do this all by themselves in order to surprise their mothers? Smiley, Kotoy & Co. have decided to take matters into their hands and until getting the “cozonaci” out of the oven and “sarmale” out of the pot, fans will have plenty of fun ensured. All the new stories will be posted on the dedicated Facebook page of the campaign, where fans can choose or get inspired from COSMOTE’s recommendations, in order to have more things to share.

The team that coordinated the making of the two advertising campaigns on behalf of COSMOTE Romania is formed of: Dana Bursuc – Marketing Communications Senior Manager, Mirela Ghita – Head of Office, Anca Abaza – Senior Brand Manager, Ciprian Postelnicu – Head of Media, and Romeo Bunescu – Brand Manager.

The Ogilvy & Mather team that created and executed the business TV commercial is formed of: Emil Comsea – Art Director, Andreea Chirica – Copywriter, Otilia Mihalcea – Art Director, Titus Dumitrescu – Creative Director, Andreea Hascu – Account Director, Iuliana Grigore – Account Manager, Oana Ioja – Account Executive, and Cristian Serban – AV Producer.

The production of the commercial was done with the help of: Family Film – production house and Andreea Paduraru – Director.

Visit COSMOTE Romania Youtube channel to see the other three TV commercials of the campaign.

More details are available on the Facebook page of the campaign.