The iPhone 6s series is out selling the iPhone 8 series

- Adrian Ungureanu

Usually every time Apple launches a new series of iPhones the previous ones are drastically dropping fast because everyone wants the new models, and that’s natural.

But that’s not the case with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Two weeks ago a survey made by the brokerage firm KeyBanc Capital Markets revealed the iPhone 8 was selling less then the iPhone 7, since the new iPhones we’re launched. That was a big surprise, but now we get some shocking news.

Because the iPhone 8 series is outperformed even by the iPhone 6s series, which was launched two year ago. That’s really disappointing. Specially for Apple. There are some reasons to why iPhone 8 is doing to bad in sales. Some you can read in our iPhone 8 review.

But the main thing is that iPhone 8 looks the same as iPhone 7, which looks like iPhone 6s, which, of course is looking like iPhone 6. There are improvements inside, but the people seem to really care about how the phone looks, and iPhone 8 has an outdated design. So, many Apple fans are actually expecting for iPhone X which really is really a game changer and is more appealing to iPhone buyers even though it more expensive.