The Huawei P20 series might have three different model

- Adrian Ungureanu

Huawei is preparing to launch its next flagship series, the P20, which is now believed to consist in three pretty different models, after some schematics have emerged on the web.

In case you missed it, the latest rumors suggest that Huawei will ditch the P11 moniker skipping all the way to P20. Which is a better choice to be honest. Anyway, as you will see in the gallery bellow, it is suggested that the next flagship series from Huawei will three models: a standard P20, a P20 Plus and the top tier P20 Pro.

All of them sport tri-cameras at the back, and while the P20 and P20 Plus variants have normal screens and a Home button at the front, the P20 Pro will have a notch in the screen, like the iPhone X. A bit smaller though.

The P20 Pro schematics reveal no Home button at the front, nor a fingerprint reader at the back, which supports the rumors that Huawei will use its own 3D facial recognition system for authentication. They unveiled the system when they launched the Honor V10 and they even showcased it at a tech show.

The new flagship series is expected to be unveiled at MWC 2018, as the German branch had confirmed that the phone will be introduced in Q1 2018.