The HTC M7 is the HTC One


Never failing to impress with HTC leaks, the enigmatic twitter account @evleaks revealed that the taiwanese’s new flagship, formerly known as the M7, will be branded HTC One. Indeed, HTC has a habit of naming the most impressive of its own flagship devices One, a habit dating all the way back to the HTC Nexus One.

The HTC One is expected to be revealed 19 February and slated to debut on the market 8 March. The price is reportedly 650 euro – steep, but in the ballpark of other 5-inch 1080p luxury smartphones like the Sony Xperia Z (at around 617 euro in England).

Moreover, yesterday a picture snapped with the One’s camera surfaced online. The pic is notable for confirming the flagship’s final name in its EXIF info, but it doesn’t give much of an impression about the so-called ‘ultrapixel camera’. Check it out on FLICKR.