The Google Chromium OS – comments


Last week Google finally announced its long expected OS which source code you can already download and try. They opened it as Chromium OS as we presented you the main details before, but here are some new interesting comments from the other players on the market.


Microsoft is very confident in their positions. Windows 7 sales doubled the ones for Vista for the same period and as the companu said Chrome or Chromium OS is still at the Developing stage.


Phoenix Technologies that develop as they say “the Revolutionary Operating Environment for Mobile Computers HyperSpace, based on Linux think that the 7 seconds that the first initialization of Chrome OS takes in a netbook are too much. 


According to DeviceVM, the creator of the Splashtop platform with the popular  Mozilla Firefox browser, the uniting of Chrome OS with Google Chrome and all other Google products may lower its users by separating it from special target zones as China for example. 


Linux Foundation greets the news from Google: What is good for Chrome OS is good for Moblin, and the opposite counts too.