The Galaxy S4 will have hover control


Korean tech media DDaily has revealed that the Galaxy S4‘s AMOLED display will feature Amtel’s MAXTouch S technology. This advancement allows you to control the operating system by merely hovering your finger or styles above the touchscreen. We have seen this system implemented in last year’ Xperia Sola and in the S-Hover function of Samsung’s S-Pen. It’s honestly a bit of a gimmick, so we bet on Samsung developing the functionality into something more relevant to the user experience.

The S4 should be revealed 15 March, with market debut in April for Europe, and across May and June in the US. Until then Sony (Xperia Z), HTC (One) and LG (Optimus G Pro) will have launched their flagships for 2013. Samsung is joining the race a bit late, but the Galaxy S4 could turn out to be a classic example of the tortoise winning against the rabbit(s).