The Galaxy S4 may hit 700 euro in Italy


Italy puts the notion of expensive smartphones in a league of its own. According to italian media, the Galaxy S4’s starting price will be a very unfair 700 euro. This, and the possibility of the smartphone arriving there in May at the earliest don’t shape Italy as a winning market for Samsung.

Other EU-countries, however, will pay 50 to 100 euro less and will get the Galaxy S4 in April. The german Amazon already has the S4 on pre-order at 650 euro. This is in the ballpark of competing flagships such as Xperia Z (600 euro) and HTC One (660 euro).

Is the price of a phone that offers neither an almost-everything-proof-body or a premium aluminium build justified? We think everybody should have their own preference and reasoning to choose between these three excellent handsets.

Source: GSMArena