The freshly announced Nikon DF – smaller, lighter, with a vintage air


Nikon announced its new DSLR, with the same 16.2 MP full-frame sensor (36 x 23.9 mm) as its older brother, D4, with its same viewfinder features and compatible with lenses which are half a century old. All of these and many more in a light, small and retro-like body. This is the new Nikon DF.

With the DF design you can go back in time, in the 70’s or 80’s, while being able to be as professional as the modern technology allows you. With its classical design, DF is still a professional DSLR, not bigger from a regular camera, but lighter then the D4 (1180g), with only 710g weight.

Maybe the coolest aspect of the DF is that it is compatible with the old pre-1978 Nikon lenses. Thanks to a collapsible lever, you can attach classic non-Ai lenses from as far back as 1959 to the DF without the need of a converter. There is a full-aperture metering through any lens, to help you with manual focusing and the viewfinder is the same as in the D4, with a clear, bright pentaprism. The top of the camera is made of a metal frame (you can choose between silver and a black one) which incorporates the ISO settings (up to 12.800), exposure compensation, exposure mode & release mode.

The bad news is that Nikon DF costs 2750 euros, including a special-edition version of Nikon’s popular 50mm prime. Nevertheless, the DF design satisfies the ultimate trends and combines both technical aspects that only professionals can work with and the old-school-vintage aspect that puts you in the center of attention, among all the other professionals, even if you know that you still have many photo skills to learn.

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