The free of charge Coder Dojo North Bucharest @Telekom Romania programming workshops start the third year of activity with the highest number of participants

  • Over 50 participant children, under the supervision of 14 volunteer members
  • 3 simultaneous workshops open for children – for beginner programmers, advanced programmers and Arduino beginners
  • The Arduino workshop, a national premiere, supports the children to learn the secrets of electronics assisted by computer


The workshops unrolled under the name Coder Dojo North Bucharest @ Telekom Romania started again on September 27th, 2014, after the summer holiday. A number of 50 children, the highest number of participants until now, joined the Dojo from Bucharest, for the 3 workshops hosted by Telekom Romania, that took place simultaneously..


The highest number of participants was registered for the Beginner Programmers Workshop, within which not less than 7 volunteering mentors coordinated the activity of 30 children with ages between 7 and 14. “The veterans” in programming, children with up to 2 years of activity within the Dojo, were placed in a new group, created for advanced programmers, with 10 places available. The children programmers are learning introductory programming concepts, as well as useful details for the most various programming languages, depending on their passion.


The absolute novelty of 2014 edition is the Arduino workshop, electronics assisted by computer, opened for children who are at least 12 years old. It is the first workshop of this kind at the national level, an introduction to applied electronics, focused on the developing platform Arduino. Children will learn from scratch both hardware elements (simple electronic circuits, with sensors, LEDs, engines, speakers, all controlled by the micro controller from Arduino platform), as well as programming (language for Arduino platform is based on C/C++). The theoretical explanations regarding the principles of electronic circuits and programming are accompanied by practical activities for physics and mathematics from school. The 10 participants experience in practice using the kits of elements made available for free by RoboFun, an online robotics store.


CoderDojo is an international movement, initiated in Ireland in 2011 with the aim to offer to interested children the context in which they can learn programming in an informal environment, through regular sessions, beside the school program. At CoderDojo, children learn to program, to develop websites, applications, programs, games and many others. The Dojos are initiated, managed and mentored by volunteers.


The Dojo North Bucharest @ Telekom Romania is the oldest Dojo of this kind from the country, with an activity of almost 3 years and takes places each month, in the last Saturday of the month, in a location made available by Telekom Romania, which ensures logistic support and high speed connections to Internet. At this moment, there are 10 workshops in Romania – in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Dumbravita, Iasi, Lipova, Lugoj, Mosnita Noua, Oradea and Timisoara.


Anyone can join Coder Dojo, either as volunteer or starting their own Dojo. Besides, all Dojos from the country are permanently opened for volunteers’ participation – additional details are available at