“The biggest sports hour”: 3 cities and a social cause


Dolce Sport invites the sports fans to the fourth edition of the mass event „The biggest sports hour” and to a charity cross in Brasov to support children diagnosed with cancer. The event is part of the pro-health campaign „Sports is good”.


The event, organized by Dolce Sport together with SmartAtletic and GetFit, will take place during three days, the first one being scheduled on Saturday, June 14, „Lumea copiilor” park  in Bucharest, between 10,00 – 21,00 hrs. The event is going bigger at national level, thus on July 19 will take place also in Brasov, Piata Sfatului. The third day of the event is reserved for Saturday, August 9, in Mamaia, piateta Perla.


The edition in Brasov of “The biggest sports hour” will include also a charity cross, at which are invited the sports fans who want to support the families with children diagnosed with cancer so the later ones can buy the necessary medicines.  The funds collected from the race fee, which is of 30, respectively 50 RON depending of the race difficulty, will be donated to the families of the small ones by the “Romtelecom for Romanians” Foundation.


“At every new edition of The biggest sports hour we bring new disciplines and international trainers and the public engagement increases proportionally. Beyond the message that we encourage the public to have a balanced diet, allocating time also for sport, this year we decided to fight for the cause of children suffering of severe diseases. It is very important for a healthy life and the Foundation Romtelecom for Romanians supports it for several years”, stated Vlad Enachescu, General Director Dolce Sport and supporter of the campaign “Sports is good”.


To “The biggest sports hour” in Bucharest will take place demonstrations of fitness such as Zumba, Kangoo Jumps, Body Art, Khai Bo, X-Tempo, AeroKick, Rebound AAS,  Steel Programs, TotalX30, Strike Zone, Summer Abs, KickBox, Freestyler. Areas for boot camp, TRX, cycling, Nordic Walking, football, but also one for carting with pedals, will be set up too. The classes will be held by renown national and international trainers (see the agenda), from whom the participants can learn basic moves or intensive routines.


„Exercising regularly should become a habit for each of us. Exercises help us eliminate the stress accumulated throughout the day and have the benefit of keeping us fit. Of course, all these help if in the equation is added a balanced and healthy diet. Sport is a social necessity,” says Vlad Stoica, SmartAtletic president.


„To promote sports and health, this series of events represent a highlight, both due to the variety of trainers and types of classes, and also to the fact that the access is free of charge; even more, we are offering prizes and other benefits to the participants,” added Cristi Mărgărit, nutrition and fitness consultant, GetFit.


The full agenda of the event is available on www.miscareafacebine.ro, the info platform dedicated to the campaign. “Sports is good” is a pro-health campaign via sports and correct diet, initiated in 2011 by Dolce Sport, the TV sports channel of Romtelecom.


About Dolce Sport

Dolce Sport, the sports TV channel of Romtelecom, is present on the market since 2010 and accustomed its viewers with quality and exclusive content, broadcast also via Dolce Sport 2 (permanent broadcast), 3 and 4 (temporary broadcast). Dolce Sport is present also online, on www.dolcesport.ro and on www.facebook.com/dolcesport.


About “Romtelecom for Romanians” Foundation

“Romtelecom for Romanians” Foundation, set up in 2008, is enrolling projects through which is supporting different categories of persons in special situations and social causes such as the one of children diagnosed with severe diseases. The Foundation is a natural extent of Romtelecom involvement in supporting the Romanian society, which was translated during the last years into numerous projects supported by the company.