Telekom Romania invites business community to vote for the IoT solutions enrolled in Business Wall of Fame international contest



  • The second edition of Business Wall of Fame international contest, initiated by Deutsche Telekom, has opened the voting phase
  • Between May 11th and June 22nd, the business community in Romania is invited to vote for the best Internet of Things solution enrolled in the competition
  • The supporters of the winning solution will benefit from an advertising campaign for their company of up to 20,000 euros


Starting today, the business community in Romania can vote for their favorite Internet of Things (IoT) solutions enrolled in the second edition of the Business Wall of Fame international contest, initiated by Deutsche Telekom.


A great variety of innovative IoT solutions have been enrolled so far on the platform, addressing various industries, such as transportation, services, commerce and logistics, while developers still have the chance to apply until May 25th. Companies can find here IoT solutions that make their business more efficient.


Voting by the business community will also be awarded, next to the winning IoT solution in each country included in the contest. Thus, the supporter-company of the winning app which had the most convincing argument in favor of it will benefit from an advertising campaign worth up to 20,000 euros.


The projects can be voted for during May 11th and June 22nd on the platform. After the business community’s votes, the highest ranked solutions will be evaluated by a jury of Telekom Romania experts.


Romanian developers can enroll their Internet of Things solutions by May 25th, 2015.The winning solution will benefit from a national advertising campaign, developed by Telekom, worth 30,000 euros, and will become a Telekom Romania partner. Also, the jury will offer a special award for the best international IoT solution which Deutsche Telekom will include in the business portfolio of the participating European countries. Moreover, the winner will participate next to Deutsche Telekom in an international industry fair, benefiting from promotion worth 10,000 euros.


Business Wall of Fame competition is taking place in Romania and other 7 European countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia and Slovakia). The contest addresses developers who wish to promote their IoT solutions and make them available to the large public. The eligible solutions must already be available for sale or in the launch status.


The results of this year edition will be announced on July 7th, 2015.


For more information regarding the contest and the application terms and conditions, please visit