Telekom Romania, Cisco and Webhit provide schools and high schools in Romania with digital solutions meant to improve pupils’ performance

  • The solutions provide optimized access to quality educational content for pupils in isolated areas, encourage the presence and interactivity in classes and contribute to improving competences and school performances;
  • Educational units and pupils from different places can take part in the same class, connecting through telepresence, and can interact with the help of an interactive blackboard, whilst the content of the classes is recorded and available to pupils on an online dedicated platform;
  • Over 8,000 youngsters from 36 schools and high schools from Romania already benefit from the digital solutions developed by Telekom Romania, Cisco and Webhit using European funds.


Telekom Romania, Cisco and Webhit support the growth of the educational level in Romania and provide modern technologies for performant learning in 36 schools and high schools throughout the country. Following a project developed with European funds, the three companies created digital solutions that offer schools and high schools interconnectivity with the help of telepresence and the interactive blackboard, so that the pupils from different areas can participate simultaneously to the same class.


The program targets a number of 8,000 pupils from Brasov, Tulcea, Constanta, Iasi, Braila and Galati counties, pupils from 7th and 8th grade, with the goal of improving the process of developing their competences in view of successfully graduating the national evaluation and the baccalaureate exam, but also for a better orientation of the pupils to further learning and professional integration.


“Education development is an initiative of the European Commission from 2013. At the same time, in Romania, local authorities concerned to provide access to education throughout the entire country developed projects through which they have built infrastructures for creating and distributing education with the support of the Internet. Hence, the professor has become creator of open educational resources distributed in a natural and simple manner. Through the results obtained in the counties that have implemented such an educational pattern, it is proved once again that technology is useful as long as it supports a need and is easy to use. This educational pattern reiterates the notion of tele-teacher and the way to provide quality education anywhere, anytime, to every interested person”, states Liviu Costandache, the project coordinator.


Within the program there have been implemented 20 telepresence centres and 16 centres in which the telepresence is replaced by a software application, ensuring access to pupils from isolated areas to high quality content and facilitating the contact with the teachers from big cities. This way, pupils from two or several different cities can simultaneously view and attend a class taking place in one of the schools. Also, they can interact using the digital blackboard: they can watch the content on the blackboard and they can modify it in real time. Moreover, the content of the lessons is being recorded and uploaded on a dedicated online platform in order to be later accessible to the pupils. In their turn, the teachers from different areas have the opportunity to actively interact in the pupils’ benefit.


“Modern technologies are always appealing to the young, including in the educational system. Together with our partners Cisco and Webhit, we have launched a challenge to pupils, but also to teachers in Romania: we created a solution dedicated to the learning institutions which allows them to quickly adapt to the new digital evolution. We hope that more and more schools and high schools from all the counties respond to our challenge, because the stake is very important: pupils’ access to a modern education, higher performances and competences and a growing involvement of the pupils at school”, says Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Business Segment Officer Telekom Romania.


“There are many challenges we encounter within our educational system. One of these is every pupil’s access to quality content, whether he is located in Bucharest, or, especially, outside the big cities. This is the precise thing we wanted to address by implementing this project, because we truly believe that only with the help of technology we can make education accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime”, stated Dorin Pena, CEO Cisco Romania.


“For our school, using these modern tools meant a shift of paradigm. Both pupils and teachers learned that traditional education may be combined extremely efficiently with technology. Pupils are attracted by the new manner in which lessons are being held, they pay more attention and participate in classes with pleasure, while the results from the last baccalaureate exam confirm the efficiency of these solutions”, states Monica Petre, professor at “Ion Creanga” high school from Tulcea.


The implementation of the modern technologies in the 36 school units determined an increased presence in classes of the pupils, who are attracted by the informal and interactive character of the digital lessons, but also the performance and competitiveness level improvement. For instance, in the Tulcea county, the baccalaureate exam’s graduation’s rate has increased from 58.91% in 2014 to 73.34% in 2015 within the high schools that used these solutions. Additionally, pupils taking part in this program have appreciated the notable improvement of their interaction with colleagues.


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