Telekom Romania announces wholesale agreement with Vodafone Romania


Telekom Romania has signed a wholesale services agreement with Vodafone Romania.

The agreement allows Telekom to better utilize its fixed infrastructure resources, while Vodafone may launch fixed internet and TV services on a larger scale, faster. The wholesale services contract covers access to Telekom’s urban optical fiber network, which provides Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps and TV services.

“In line with our business development strategy, this project enables us to achieve increased utilization rate of our best-in-class FTTH/FTTB infrastructure in urban areas and to continue the investments for further developing our broadband networks, in order to provide better and innovative services”, stated Miroslav Majoroš, CEO of Telekom Romania.

“This agreement represents a step further in implementing one of our key priorities, expanding into home and to families. On top of our existing commercial propositions, customers will benefit after the implementation of the agreement from fully convergent offers of services, including mobile, fixed broadband and TV, accompanied by the same high level of service that they already experience with us,” stated Murielle Lorilloux, CEO Vodafone Romania.

The two companies will continue to compete independently on the market, each of them pursuing its own development strategy in accordance with their autonomous commercial plans and business strategies.