Telekom Romania announces the winners of the 2015 edition of project

  • 133 NGOs submitted projects on platform;
  • 10 NGOs have been declared winners, after having presented their projects in front of the jury.


Telekom Romania announces the winning projects of the 2015 edition of programme. Following the jury’s assessment and according to competition regulations, 10 projects have been selected to receive total funding of 70,000 euros from the company during 2016.


We thank all the organizations that submitted projects in this edition, the jury who had the difficult task of choosing 10 winners, and also to those who supported us and believe in our initiative. The winning projects are from different areas and, through the initiatives they plan to implement, can support near 250,000 beneficiaries. We wish that the platform will grow year after year and will bring together more and more NGOs, to the benefit of communities”, said Ruxandra Vodă, Communication Director of Telekom Romania group of companies.


The winning projects are:

  1. ALERT – Campaign to prevent casualties in an earthquake of high intensity” from the Romanian Center for Innovation (CRIDL). The project aims to prevent the loss of human lives in case of a strong earthquake, by mobilizing the power of generating information by citizens through online platforms, in order to increase the awareness on the danger and to raise funds and involvement of the public sector. The association will develop a platform of crowdsourcing of information gathered from citizens and volunteers about the buildings which are facing seismic risk in Bucharest. Read more.
  2. „Children write, we answer” of Child’s Telephone Association. The project consists in developing an online counselling platform, available 24/7, which will provide psycho-emotional stability, psychosocial counselling and will facilitate the intervention of relevant institutions in situations of serious violation of children’s rights. More;
  3. „E-School from hospital”, proposed by P.A.V.E.L. Association. The aim of the project is to create an online platform ( for improving the quality of the educational process through promoting the access of children with serious somatic diseases and with special educational needs to formal and informal education. More details;
  4. „Edulier – Interactive digital class for children with learning difficulties”, submitted by EDULIER Association. The project has as objective to help children with dyslexia, in the diagnosis as well as in the training and recovery phases (through workshops, interactive learning, tactics, graphics, and involving children in a positive and active way). The interactive digital class can be replicated in any school that works with children with special educational requirements, including ADHD, autism, depression, Down’s syndrome. Read more;
  5. „Closer to nature and to the local people through emotional experiences in the centre Colinele Transilvaniei” from the Association WWF Programul Dunăre Carpaţi. The project aims to create an interactive application which will allow users to download useful information like maps, itineraries, contact details, event calendars and will offer a feedback system through which tourists can share their experiences by posting the photos they take during their sightseeing tours, the customized planning of their routes according to their interests. More information;
  6. „MERCI in the village” from Merci Charity Boutique. The project aims to create an informatics laboratory with access to internet and educational software for the schools in Cund and Bahnea from Mures County, where 140 pupils from 0-VIII grades are studying. More information;
  7. „Mobile START Internship” from Junior Achievement Romania, an educational partnership initiated by business associations, embassies, companies and supported by the Romanian Government, universities and students associations, has as objective to encourage youngster to access internship and career mentoring programmes, by facilitating their interaction with the organizations / entities that offer internship and training, through an accessible and quick mobile web platform. Details;
  8. „Gallant on your birthday/Offer your birthday”, proposed by Envision România Association. The project consists in creating a micro-site on the platform, through which users, on their birthdays, can invite their friends to donate to social causes the money they would spend on buying them presents. Detail here.
  9. „Green Living”, submitted by MaiMultVerde, consists in creating the application Green Living – 365 ways in which you can have a sustainable life-style, which provides users suggestions for actions through which they can contribute to adopting a sustainable green living and the track of these actions, and, at the end of the year, generates a report on how green / sustainable the users are. More details;
  10. „Online educational resources for teachers and schools”, form New Horizons Foundation. The purpose of the project is the development of modern digital instruments for teachers willing to involve in extracurricular activities that develop life skills among youth, complementary to the skills acquired in school. More details here.