Telekom Romania and FON give you free net access in the Wi-Fi hotspots across Romania

  • Telekom Romania and FON global hotspots network announce free internet access on June 20th, the World Wi-Fi Day
  • Thus Romanians can share their experiences right away, for free, while walking through the cities of Romania.


Telekom Romania is celebrating the World Wi-Fi Day, set by the Wireless Broadband Alliance on June 20th, with a special offer in partnership with FON, the largest global network of Wi-Fi hotspots. Thus, anyone interested can have free of charge access to any of the 40,000 FON Wi-Fi hotspots in Romania, for 24 hours, on Monday, June 20th.


With this initiative, Telekom Romania and FON seek to encourage the intensive use of accessible WiFi internet by as many as possible users, to demonstrate the capabilities of the network.


To connect to the Telekom FON hotspots, those interested need to search for such a hotspot and connect to it, then open a browser to be directed on a FON portal. On the portal, the user must select there “Promo Code”, register as FON member or as new user, introduce an access code and press the “Redeem” button. The access code for this occasion is TelekomFonOffer.


The map for identifying the closest to you FON Wi-Fi hotspot is available here, and one can select “Romania” for faster access and then zoom in. There are more than -20 million such hotspots available worldwide, and the exclusive partner for Romania of FON is Telekom Romania. Thus, all internet customers of Telekom Romania with the FON option active travelling abroad to eligible countries can rely on free of charge internet provided by the FON partner.


Except for this specific one-day offer, those who are not members of Telekom FON can get connected by buying one of the 4 versions of access: 1.24 euro for 1 hour, 3 euro for 1 day, 10 euro for 5 days or 20 euro for 30 days. Those who are members of the Telekom FON network gain free access to it by sharing their own connection (customers with an internet services from Telekom Romania using a Huawei HG658 or Sercomm Speedport W724V wireless router).


A Telekom FON hotspot allows the simultaneous connection of 2 users and each will have 1 Mbps bandwidth.


More on the Telekom FON network and how to connect is available here.