Telekom provides complete telecommunication solutions for Polaris Medical Hospital in Cluj

  • Real time patients’ localization bracelets, equipped with panic button   
  • Customized IT&C solutions for the hospital’s management


Telekom Romania provides IT&C services for Polaris medical Hospital, the largest private recovery hospital in Romania, recently opened near Cluj-Napoca, in Sugeagu commune, making a contribution in improving the medical processes and facilitating patients’ close care, at international standards.


Among the solutions and services developed by Telekom for Polaris Hospital are the bracelets with panic buttons which allow the patients’ permanent monitoring and localization within a specific area. Thus, the medical team is able to act very quickly in emergency situations. Moreover, the hospital’s equipment, including its IT devices are interconnected and allow data transfer inside and outside the network.


A secured Internet wireless solution is available within the hospital’s area, which allows the separation of the medical personnel’s data traffic from patients and visitors’ traffic. The Wi-Fi services are available for free to visitors.


The hospital also has a short info line number and its own telephone exchange, which provides fixed voice services both within the hospital and outside the facility; the services are based on VoIP technology, including voice via WiFi.


The solution was developed in parallel with the medical unit’s construction works and was tailored on the hospital’s specific needs.


We want to offer the best services to our patients, thus, everything taking place within the hospital, including in terms on technology, is delivered at the highest performance level. The modern equipment of Polaris Medical Hospital is connected to Telekom’s data network, so that we are able to transmit quickly and safely all the necessary information. Another solution from Telekom allows as to locate patients within the hospital by using bracelets, which also have a panic button for emergencies. Through the Wi-Fi network, doctors may instantly access the internal applications or view patients’ analysis results. Also, the patients and visitors benefit from free Internet services”, stated Cosmin Mureșan IT director, Polaris Medical, Cluj.