Telekom presents “Felicitaro”, the application that allows users to send personalized postcards



  • Using the mobile application “Felicitaro”, users can create and send personalized postcards from their mobile phones;  
  • The postcards that are created in the application are printed on a special paper and sent in an envelope, anywhere in the world.


Telekom Romania presents the mobile application “Felicitaro”, a simple solution that allows users to create and send personalized postcards to their loved ones anywhere in the world, directly from their mobile phones. In its mission to help users share beautiful experiences with loved ones, Telekom is the first operator that supports this app, developed by SC. Advergent SRL.


The mobile application “Felicitaro” brings value and meaning to the content of social media messages, thoroughly combining the wistfulness of past times with the technology of the present.  To send a postcard using “Felicitaro”, users must follow 5 simple steps:


  1. Take a photo or choose one from the phone’s gallery;
  2. Add a message;
  3. Sign the postcard using their finger on the device’s screen;
  4. Add the recipient (one or more);
  5. Order the postcard that will be sent anywhere in the world.


The application can be downloaded free of charge from AppStore or Google Play by prepaid or postpaid customers, regardless of the network they are using. To download and use the application, the customers must have a compatible handset with an operating system Android 4.1 (or a higher version) or iOS 7.0 (or a higher version). Data traffic at download or while using the app is consumed from the data plan included in the active data options from the users’ account.


Once the order is placed, the postcard is printed on a special 350g/mp paper and sent in an envelope, for the protection of personal data and to ensure the message’s confidentiality. The delivery takes approximate two business days if the postcard is sent in Romania and up to six business days for other countries. The customers can pay through PayPal, using a credit card, or by SMS, depending on the country they are located in. The cost of a postcard is of 1.8 Euro if the payment is done through PayPal or credit card, and 2 Euro (plus VAT) by SMS payment.


Further information about the “Felicitaro” app can be found on: