Telekom launches two new offers for prepaid customers: GigaShare and GigaWeekend

  • During the GigaShare campaign, prepaid users can receive up to 100.000 GB using the online platform Tadaaam
  • With GigaWeekend, prepaid customers can activate 1 GB of free data, during the weekend


Telekom launches new advantageous offers for prepaid customers on the online platform Tadaaam dedicated to prepaid users. The platform hosts the “Tadaaam Show” powered by T which is presented by the vlogger Mikey H and Pandalie, an unique character that recently joined the T family.


Pandalie’s adventures and the special offers for prepaid customers can be viewed each Wednesday on the show’s official page.


The first offer launched on the “Tadaaam Show” platform and dedicated to the online community was GigaShare. During the first phase of the campaign the first 199 Telekom prepaid users who sent Pandalie a SMS have received 1 GB of data traffic for themselves and another 5 GB to share with 5 friends. During the second phase, they can, themselves, send one 1 GB to other 5 friends, the allowance will end until 100 000 GB will be reached.


Moreover, Telekom is launching the GigaWeekend campaign enabling prepaid customers to enjoy 1 GB of free data traffic during weekends.


Telekom customers that have activated one of the prepaid extra-options in the current portfolio (Extra S, Extra Voce M, Extra Date M, Extra L, Extra XL) can request each weekend a bonus of 1 GB of national data traffic. It is valid during the weekend in which it was activated since the moment of activation until Sunday 23:59pm and can be activated again the following weekends until December 31st, 2015. The maximum data traffic speed is up to 21.6 Mbps for downloads and 5.76 Mbps for uploads.


The bonus can be activated between Saturday, 00:01am – Sunday, 23:59pm, by sending a SMS to 888 or using the MyAccount app. There is no limit on the number of weekends users can opt for this bonus; they can use it as long as they have an active eligible extra-option and the SIM card is valid.


More information on these offer can be accessed on