Telekom launches two mobile applications for future and new mothers

  • The mobile apps Odiseea Sarcinii and Eu, Mămica offer useful information, advice and various tools regarding pregnancy and the baby’s development in his early years of life
  • The apps are developed in partnership with the biggest platform for parents in Romania,
  • Odiseea Sarcinii  is the only mobile app on the telecommunications market in Romania dedicated to pregnant women


For future and new mothers constantly willing to be informed about the development and care of their children, Telekom Romania launches two mobile apps developed in partnership with the most popular platform for parents in Romania,


The apps, Odiseea Sarcinii and Eu, Mămica offer access to a series of specific instruments, useful information and advice, starting with the first month of pregnancy and continuing for the first years of the child.


Through these two mobile apps, we wish to support modern and responsible mothers, to help them discover the beauty of being parents by offering useful information and advice, and a series of instruments and calculators meant to monitor the development of the child, step by step”, states Bogdan Țibrin, Manager Applications, VAS, Partnerships and New Businesses, Telekom Romania.


Telekom quickly understood our vision and desire to offer future and new moms more mobility and access to quality information, anywhere and anytime”, declared Florin Popescu, Business Owner,


Odiseea Sarcinii is the only mobile application on the Romanian telecommunications market dedicated to pregnant women. Using this app, future mothers can easily go through the approximately 40 weeks of pregnancy, discover the excitement and joy of each moment and to better understand the changes and transformations they are going through (body, family etc.). The application provides both useful information on the development of the baby and mothers and related to pregnancy, childbirth, health and nutrition, and a number of calculators and instruments:  Weeks of Pregnancy, Baby Names, Weight Monitor, Albums, Doctor Visits, Counter for baby kicks, Contractions’ Counter, Birth Planner, Shopping List and many more.


Using the Eu, Mămica app, new moms benefit from information about health, care, and child development, parent-child relationship, as well as a number of useful tips for moms and dads, in order for them to experience the feeling of being parents. Besides this carefully chosen information, the application includes a series of tools and calculators, such as: Baby – the first 52 weeks, Charts for Growth, Vaccination Calendars, Children’s Activities, Photo Albums and many more.


Both mobile applications integrate naturally with the platform and will offer access to a range of services designed to provide support during the journey of being parents (News, Announcements, Questions, Forum, Journal, Photo Album, Director, Recipes etc.). Mothers can easily access various sections of the website, receive alerts on their phones when their questions are answered or private messaging notifications. Moreover, by using the “Panic” button, they can get answers to crisis situations from thousands of people in the community willing to offer a helping hand.


The two apps can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and, soon, from Apple Store and are compatible with the Android 2.3 operating system or a superior version, respectively iOS 7.0 or a superior version.


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