Telekom launches the integrated version of MyAccount mobile app: the first application offering fast access to all communication services, fix and mobile

  • With the new mobile app MyAccount, customers have access with the same account to all their Telekom services, both fix and mobile
  • The full version of app MyAccount marks a premiership on the Romanian market and in Deutsche Telekom group
  • The new MyAccount reconfirms Telekom’s mission of becoming the #1 integrated operator in Romania


As of February, the mobile application MyAccount developed by Telekom Romania is available for the customers of fix services, too. MyAccount is the only application of its kind in Romania but also in Deutsche Telekom group, offering integrated access to both fix and mobile services.


Through the MyAccount mobile application customers have access, with the same account, to all Telekom services (voice, internet, entertainment) and to all the necessary information about invoices. Hence, users may consult the list of active services, may view the history of invoices and payments, pay the new invoice and configure the e-bill service, no matter if they are customers for the fix, mobile or integrated fix-mobile services.


Until now, integrated access to both fix and mobile services was available only through the desktop version of MyAccount.


The access to fix services through MyAccount application has been the most requested functionality by users, in the comments posted on Google Play and iOS. We are glad to meet the needs of our customers and we hope that the users keep getting involved, send us their ideas and preferences, so that we develop together efficient services and successful applications. This is how we have improved MyAccount and want to develop this platform furthermore, up to excellency”, said Olaf Lausen, Chief of Staff and Director for Business Development for Telekom Romania group.


The mobile application MyAccount has been initially launched in December 2014, when it was available for mobile services customers– both contract-based and prepaid. The new MyAccount, which included fix services too, is part of Telekom’s strategy of becoming #1 integrated operator in Romania.