Telekom brings, in exclusivity on the Romanian market, the Trio SIM


Telekom Romania is announcing the availability of the 4G compatible Trio SIM, in exclusivity on the local market. Thus, Telekom Romania continues its efforts of simplifying the user experience in the context of the rebranding process.


The Trio SIM is a pre-customized SIM card which can be used as standard SIM, nanoSIM or microSIM, depending on the handset. This design eliminates the users’ need to request in stores SIM cards fitting their mobile phones – from now on, users just have to carefully read the brief instructions and crop the right dimension, depending on the SIM slot of their handset: standard, nano or micro.


Since the introduction of the nanoSIM slots in smartphones, users and vendors confronted with the incompatibility of the SIM cards with the new devices. The new Trio SIM tackles this aspect through its modular design.


The Trio SIM will improve users’ experience in terms of inserting the SIM card on a new handset and will generate costs and time savings.