Telekom Banking launches the device financing service, for residential consumers in Romania

- Adrian Ungureanu

Telekom Banking announces the launch of the device financing service for residential customers, available in Telekom Romania stores, nation-wide.

Thus, anyone interested in buying a telephone along with a Telekom subscription, through Telekom Banking’s offer, can access financing facility with the benefit of 24 equal instalments plan without interest (0%) and commissions, if the instalments are paid within the payment deadline.

The clients receive on-site the approval for the financing facility. Furthermore, the customers benefit free of charge of a current account and an instant debit card, offered on the spot in Telekom stores.

“The launch of the device financing service is one more step Telekom Banking is taking towards the market and consumers digitalization process. We will continue, along Alior Bank, our partner in this digital financial project, to grow our business on the Romanian market. Effective products and services are needed to make our work and life easier. I believe the Romanians’ needs are also directed in this direction, so we are talking about a close collaboration between the businesses and the consumers. For Telekom, the banking services are a priority this year”, said in a press release Miroslav Majoros, CEO of Telekom Romania.

Miroslav Majoros, CEO of Telekom Romania

“Through Telekom Banking’s offer, Telekom Romania’s customers have a new affordable way to pay for the phones they purchase in Telekom stores, by accessing a financing facility on the spot. Thus, we respond to the immediate need of customers to acquire the desired phone device, perhaps the one of the latest generation that requires higher costs, with the benefit of paying for it in 24 equal instalments with 0% interest and commissions. Through this service, we want to give our customers the freedom to choose without having additional costs “, said Urszula Krzyżanowska-Piękoś, Deputy CEO of Alior Bank.

Urszula Krzyżanowska-Piękoś, Deputy CEO of Alior Bank

With regard to Telekom Romania’s offer, customers can purchase in 24 no interest instalments, any phone, along with a subscription starting at only 5 euro / month, VAT included, that offers unlimited national minutes and unlimited 4G Internet.

The 5 euro price / month is valid if the customer owns or activates at least one fixed Telekom service.

Customers who do not have a fixed Telekom service can benefit from mobile service subscriptions starting 7 euro / month (VAT included).

Instalments can be paid very easily, on the Telekom Banking account either by transfer from another bank or directly at the cash desks in Telekom’s stores.

Telekom Banking, the newest digital financial project in Romania, developed within the partnership between Telekom Romania and Alior Bank, offers to individual clients easy-to-use banking products and services, which are accessible online and in Telekom store. Customers have access to a wide range of banking operations and to a new solution on the Romanian market, the Online Currency Exchange platform, where they can benefit from profitable exchange rates.

Moreover, through the instant debit card, customers enjoy the freedom of free withdrawals from any ATM in the world, while payments in RON to any bank in Romania are for free if made through Internet and Mobile Banking services. Access to Internet and Mobile Banking is also free.

Telekom Banking was launched in Romania in October 2017.